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Trafigura Pakistan Karachi TENDER NOTICE

Invitation for Statement of
Interest for the Purchase of Regasified
Liquefied Natural Gas at Port Qasim
Trafigura Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd is a fully owned subsidiary of leading independent commodity trading
and logistics company, Trafigura Pte Ltd.
Trafigura is the exclusive owner of the excess regasification capacity at the Pakistan Gasport
Consortium Limited (PGPCL) terminal. The excess capacity is the regasification capacity over and
above the daily delivery capacity (defined as 600 MMSCFD) which has been committed by PGPCL
to Pakistan LNG Terminal Ltd (“PLTL”).
As a licensee of the Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) for the “Sale of Natural Gas/RLNG to
Consumers”, Trafigura Pakistan will use the excess capacity to import liquefied natural gas (LNG)
and sell regasified LNG (RLNG) to interested parties at the tie-in-point of the terminal.
This project marks a significant milestone in Trafigura’s multi-million dollar investment plans to meet
the growing energy needs of Pakistan’s private customers.
All interested parties are invited to register their statement of interest via email to the address below,
by no later than 17:00 (Pakistan Standard Time) on Friday 6th November 2020.
All submissions should include:
• A company profile;
• The intended quantity of purchase of gas, and the start and end date thereof;
• Evidence of financial capability to pay for the intended purchase quantity.
Following a shortlisting exercise, all successful parties will be provided with a draft heads of agreement
and a draft gas sales agreement.
Trafigura Pakistan Pvt. Ltd
20th Floor of the Sky Tower – West Wing, Dolmen City, HC-3, Block – 4, Scheme – 5,
Clifton, Karachi. Tel: +923345171223 / +922135277001 Email:

Trafigura Pakistan Karachi TENDER NOTICE

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