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Manganese Chromium Silicon Tender Notice

Ministry of Defence
Heavy Industries Taxila
Taxila Cantt
Tel No. 270571/381 62837
No. 8600/ IT-109 ~RT-113 /Proc-D
23 Dec 2020
To: M/S ________

Subj: Tender Inquiry

  1. You are requested to please forward your offer for the following:-

Ser Indent No& Date Items A/U Qty IT No Remarks

  1. 38/Mat dated 25 Nov 2020
    (Shop-10&14) a. Wrought Iron Ton 1.00

(Pak, China, Equivalent)
b. Manganese (Pure) Kgs 30
c. Silicon (Pure) Kgs 30
d. Chromium (Pure) Kgs 300

  1. 47 dated 9 Dec 20 (Shop-4) Maint a. (i) Safety Switch XCS-A701+XCS-Z03 2Ø 1S (TELE MECANIQUE) Nos 01

(Pak, China, Equivalent)

(ii) Safety Switch XCS-E7341 230 VUC Mag 2 Ø 1S (TELE MECANIQUE) Nos 01

  1. Minute Sheet no,8600/101/MD (Sp Gp) dated 6 Nov 2020
    (Shop-4) Repair through Trade of Machinery
    a . Coke Fired Copula Tag No.A10-24
    b. Charging Breket Tag No.A10-25
    c. Centrifugal Blower Tag No. A10-26
    d. Mono Rail Trolly Tag No.A10-27



RT-111 Installation & Commissioning will be done by the firm till stand Mode

  1. Min sheet no 8600/Sp Gp dated 22 Oct 20 Shop 4 (M) a Repair through Trade of variable frequency drive (VFD)
    Model = ATV 58F HD 79N4
    Frequency Converter
    b. Power = 55KW
    c. Volt = 380V
    d. Current = 116 Amp
    e. Frequency = 0~50HZ
    RT- 112
    Installation & Commissioning will be done by the firm till stand Mode
  2. Indent no 35 dated 04 Nov 20
    (Shop-4) Maint a Drain parker Filter AFR320-10-AD411905
    (Pak, China, Equivalent) Nos 02 RT-113 Technical Literature along with Technical Quotation may be provided


  1. Rates will be quoted on FOR Taxila Cantt basis. Offer best competitive price” MOST ADVANTAGEOUS BID ON LEAST COST METHOD” submitting your quotation.
  2. Over writing/incomplete and cutting of any nature in the quotation will not be accepted /entertained.
  3. Do not quote any other items except our demand; no action will be taken if received.
  4. Bidding Process (Single Stage-Two Envelope)
  5. Part-I and Part-II quotation will be enclosed in separate sealed envelopes for each inquiry. For identification purpose, the words “TECHNICAL QUOTATION (PART-I)WITHOUT PRICE and COMMERCIAL QUOTATION (PART-II) WITH PRICE” Shall be written in CAPITAL LETTERS on the respective sealed envelopes which will be placed in a large each bearing complete detail of the tender inquiry. Forward your quotation not later than 08 Jan 2021 at 1100 hrs.

TENDER INQUIRY NO. 8600 / IT-109 ~RT-113 / Proc-D dt 23 Dec 2020
TO BE OPENED ON 08 Jan 2021 at 1130 hrs.
To: DAD Procurement DESCOM (Factory)
FROM M/s________________________________


S/No Nomenclature / Description A/U Qty Price (xxxx) With GST


S/No Nomenclature / Description A/U Qty Price With GST

  1. The date of Opening of bids and the last date for the submission of bids shall be the same. Bids shall be opened at the time 08 Jan 2021 at 1130 hrs. . The bids shall be opened at least thirty minutes after the deadline for submission of bids/Quotation (as per PPRA Rule-28 i)
    Delivery of Tender
  2. The Tender / bid will be enclosed in a sealed envelope which will invariable marked with ‘Bid against Tender Inquiry and complete address. The Tender if brought by hand, will be handed over to security staff on duty at HRF (T) Gate-1 for placing the same in the bid box (Proc Sec Descom Factory). The bid will not be brought by hand by any firm while visiting the office of DAD Proc. Moreover if required endorsement are found missing, the bid will be liable for rejection.
    General Conditions
  3. All papers must be signed/stamped and items not quoted must be mentioned clearly.(otherwise bid will be
  4. All clauses/terms mentioned in this inquiry will be considered accepted by the firm in case no reference to them is given in the offer.
  5. Bid Money/Info Tender fees in the shape of Postal Order for Rs.200/- (Rupees Two Hundred) valid as per Postal Order reverse side instructions ser-3 in favour of Managing Director, HIT Taxila Cantt will invariably be enclosed with the technical quotation against each tender inquiry separately, failing which the quotation will be ignored.
  6. Firms are instructed NOT to send Telex and Fax quotations. Such quotations/offers will not be accepted.
  7. Suitable sample free of cost where called for will be supplied by the firm.
  8. HIT reserves its right to cancel the bidding process with reason but without any obligation to justify such a reason.
  9. The stores are required to be delivered at Taxila Cantt (HIT DESCOM Factory) within contract period from the date of signing the contract.
  10. Offered price quoted must be final and inclusive of all Taxes, packing, handling charges, Installation &
    Commissioning charges if required.
  11. Offers must remain valid for 90 days from the date of opening of the tender.
  12. The stores/machine will be packed in standard grade, worthy of transportation by the means adopted.
  13. This inquiry may not be taken as an indication of subsequent supply order and does not in any way commit HIT to purchase the items offered.
  14. Warranty period will be one year from the date of issuance of CRV of the stores.
  15. In case of failure to supply the stores/machine items within stipulated period liquidated damages at the rate of 2% but not less than 1% of amount involved per month or a part there-of will be levied.
  16. HIT reserves the right to increase/decrease the quantity of items, placed on the tender without any reference to the firm.
  17. The net offered price must be inclusive of all / every taxes as imposed by Government of Pakistan. The offers without mentioning of any taxes will be considered inclusive of taxes as imposed by govt of Pakistan against store / services.
  18. In case of any dispute regarding the terms and conditions and the quality of stores, the decision of the Chairman HIT will be considered as final and binding on the suppliers/firms.
  19. In case your firm fails to execute the order within the stipulated time and does not materialize the supply of ordered stores, the supply order/contract will be cancelled at your Risk and Expense. Expense expenditure incurred on the repurchase of offered stores will be recovered from your firm under existing procedures.
  20. Inspection of the stores will be carried out at HIT Taxila Cantt.
  21. Sample will be supplied by the firm, if required.
  22. If the store does not fulfill the tender requirements/standard specifications then the next lowest offer will be considered. HIT may rejects all bids or proposals at any time prior to the acceptance of a bid or proposal. The HIT shall upon request communicate to any supplier or contractor who submitted a bid or proposal, the grounds for its rejection of all bids or proposal, but is not required to justify those grounds.
  23. Conditional offers will not be accepted.
  24. In case of electrical and electronics equipment warranty period may also be mentioned in technical quotation irrespective of prices (otherwise warranty period will be consider 1x year.
  25. Please indicate full details (specifications, manufacturer’s origin etc) of the stores offered in your quotation. If the details are found missing, the quotation will automatically stand disqualified and rejected.
  26. In case you do not wish to quote the rates please return the tender documents duly signed and stamped at your earliest.
  27. Firms having excellent past record of supply / experience with DESCOM Factory as far as quality and timely provision of store is concerned will be given preference.
  28. All countries except India, Israel and Taiwan.
    Deposit of 5% or 10% Performance Bank Guarantee(BGs Against Contract til Warranty Period)
  29. The successful bidder shall furnish a (5% for Registered firms in HIT) and (10% for Un Registered firm in HIT) Bank Guarantee within one month from the date of signing of the contract from scheduled bank in Pakistan against the total value of contract excluding Taxes / duties. This Bank Guarantee must remain valid for 12 x months after the store are put in operation. BG will be released after completion of warranty period of store.i.e One year (Min).
  30. Payment will be made by the CMA (HIT) Taxila Cantt against pre-receipted bill (duly affixed with revenue stamp) along with professional tax certificate (Photo copy attested) of the supplier after delivery and acceptance of stores.
  31. Part payment/Advance payment against part delivery is NOT allowed.
  32. The payment to the registered persons may be linked with the active taxpayer status of the suppliers as per FBR database. If any registered supplier is not in ATL his payment should be stopped till the files his mandatory returns and appears on ATL of FBR.
  33. No Advance payment in any condition.
  34. Bill will be processed after the date of accepted store and CRV.
  35. Bill will be processed after received of acceptance on the basis of complete installation / upgradation and commissioning of subject machine by user.
  36. No firm will quote more than 1xbrand otherwise Quotation will be consider rejected / ignore at technical stage.
  37. Offers of those films will be given less weight age which is still having ending supplies of the contracted stores beyond respective DPs against previous contracts and return of sample issued against previous contracts of DESCOM.
  38. In case of indigenously locally manufactures should have relevant experience in manufacturing of items, parts duly qualified by HIT.
  39. In case of indigenously locally manufactured items, should have capacity to manufacture desired number of parts. Capacity for manufacturing of parts will be verified by team ex DESCOM during Technical scrutiny of offers if required.
  40. Firm should not be black listed or defaulted any ware within or outside Pakistan this regard firm should provide ” No Black Listing / defaulting Cert” (affidavit on judic stamp duly attested by notary public to be provided).
  41. Only registered supplier / person who are on Active Taxpayer List (ATL) of FBR an eligible to supply goods/services to government departments. Thus the bidders will submit certificate to this regard along with technical bid.
  42. The payment to the register persons with active Taxpayer status of the supplier as per FBR data base. If any registered supplier is not on active taxpayer list his payment will be stopped till he files his mandatory returns and appear on ATL of FBR. Firm with excellent record of supply / past experience with DESCOM as far as quality and timely provision of store is concerned will be given preference. Participating firms should not have defaulted in any contract with defense Organization.
  43. Expertise may be determined on the basis of general/Specific Experience and past Performance (may be demanded if required by HIT)

DAD Proc (D)
(Waseem Akhtar)

Manganese Chromium Silicon Tender Notice

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