Corporate Law

About Corporate Law

Corporate law regulates and controls the formation and function of legal entities that includes
i. Registered companies
ii. Companies limited by share
iii. Companies limited by guarantee
iv. Un-limited companies
v. Private company
vi. Public company
vii. Single member company
viii. Other than single member company
ix. Listed company
x. Unlisted company
Corporate law defines the duties and rights of people involved in legal entities in any capacity. We provide you professional corporate law services with ease and comfort.

Corporate Law Services

Brand Law

Brand Protection
Name & Logo Protection
Copyright Protection
Domain Resolution
Infringement & Revocation
Intellectual Property
Partnership Agreements
Patents Registration
Trademark Resolution
Trademark Registration
Company Incorporation
Company Dissolution
Joint Ventures

Commercial Law

Commercial Arbitration
Commercial Fraud
Commercial Liability
Commercial Litigation
Commercial Torts
Commercial Transactions
Corporate Finance
Corporate Governance
Corporate Investigations
Corporate Litigation
Corporate Reorganization
Negotiable Instruments
Nonprofit Organization

Contract Law

Breach of Contract
Business Formation
Business Litigation
Business Reorganization
Commercial Contracts
Contract Fraud
Contract Litigation
Franchise Law
Joint Ventures
Partnership Law
Small Business Law
Contract Formation

Labor Law

Collective Bargaining
Employment Contracts
Employment Law/Litigation
Gratuity/Pension Funds
Provident Funds
Sexual Harassment
Voluntary Separation
Wage and Hour Law

Construction Law

Construction Accidents
Construction / Design Law
Construction Claims
Construction Contracts
Construction Defects
Construction Insurance
Construction Litigation
Contractors Liability
Public Works

Banking Law

Banking Litigation / Regulation
Commercial Banking
Commercial Loans
Consumer Banking
Security Documents
Lender Liability/Letters of Credit
Lien /Set Off documents/Loans 
Mortgage /Pledge/Secured Lending