AGE Air Lower Topal Tender Notice


No. 6000-PPRA/ 12 /E-6 22 Dec, 2020

Assistant Director
Rizwan Mehmood
PPRA Federal Bank for
Co-operative Building 1st Floor
Sector G-5/2 Near SBP, Islamabad


  1. Requisition for advertisement of MES Notice of Tender is sent herewith for up-loading at PPRA website as desired.
  2. Necessary bill on account of up-loading may be forwarded to this office for payment please. (MUHAMMAD KASHIF ILYAS) Assistant Executive Engineer
    AGE (Air) Lower Topa
    Encls:- As above

Copy to:-

  1. SDO B&R (Local)
  • Please ensure making of payment on receipt of advertisement bill from respective agencies.
  1. SDO E&M (Local) – -do-
  2. SDO F&S (Local) – -do-


6000-PPRA/ 12 /E-6 dated 22 Dec, 2020

  1. The Office of AGE (Air) Lower Topa invites sealed tenders for the following works in light of PPRA Rule 13 (1) of 2004.
  2. (a). Provision of certain facilities. ‘G’ 0.475 (M)
    (b). Provision of certain facilities. ‘G’ 1.995 (M)
  3. The contractor are required to submit their applications for issuance of tender documents along with their complete credentials as shown at (Serial 9). The applications shall be scrutinized and the tender documents will only be issued to the firms who have sufficient experience in the relevant field and satisfy other special conditions required for the job and area. Tenders will be issued to the scrutinized contractors. The tender must be received in the accepting office by 1130 Hrs on 11 Jan 2021 and will be opened at 1200 Hrs on the same date.

Note:- Contractors shall provide certificate that they are not involved in any type of litigation with Government Department in the Court of Law and that not special report of Directorate of Inspection and Evaluation (E-in-C’s Branch GHQ) is outstanding against them.

  1. All contractors will certify in writing that they are registered with Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), and will submit a copy of their registration. Contractors not registered with PEC are ineligible to apply.
  2. Contractor borne on approved list of MES in Category-‘C’ & above. Having experience of this type of work may only apply.
  3. Contractors who desire may be present at the time of opening.
  4. The accepting officer reserves the right to accept or reject the tender. Rejected tenders will be dealt with as per Para 33 (i) of PPRA Rules.
  5. The interested parties can contact CMES (PAF) Chaklala / authorized representative for further details from 0800 to 1445 hours on all working days.


SI No. Name of the work executed during the last 2 years and hand Agency Amount of work Time allowed (Months) Date of Commencement Date of completion Percentage of progress of works in hand. Departmental performance report on each work by the Engineer in Charge.

Assistant Executive Engineer
AGE (Air) Lower Topa

AGE Air Lower Topal Tender Notice

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