5 Reasons Why Companies Miss The Business

5 Reasons Why Companies Miss The Business

Reason no. 1

With the advent of hundreds of government websites displaying tender notices, bids, EOI, etc. it is nearly impossible to go through all of them along with hundreds of print publications like newspapers, business magazines etc. With over 15 years of experience we have made it easy and simple to get customized tenders of your business daily on email or view online at https://mavenpk.com  

Reason no. 2

At times the tender titles does not tell all about required products and services and the important detail is embedded in details of tender documents. People often see the title or just hit the search button to filter out the tender but that too misses the product or service because many tenders are not in document shape rather they are in image files.

Reason no. 3

As data mining is tedious work to do and requires specific expertise to dig all information so lack of required training and expertise companies miss the important tender that may cost millions. 

Reason no. 4

As most of the time the same newspaper is published from different cities so it will become expensive to get all editions of the same newspaper each day. Just imagine if company need to cover four newspapers and each have a minimum of 5 editions then in total one has to buy 20 newspapers each costing around Rs.20 so 20×20= Rs.400 x 30 days= 12000 per month. And think about covering hundreds of newspapers. 

Reason no. 5

The last but not least is time factor. In today’s busy and hectic routine it is nearly impossible to consistently covering all information on a daily basis. 

In lieu of all above Maven PK provides ease of getting required information at a fraction of the cost. 

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